Millennium Boys Rally From 12-Point Deficit to Start Their Playoff Run

Woody Gaston, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015 at 5:30 p.m., the MBHS Phoenix faced the BHSEC Raptors for their first playoff game. The house was packed with students from both Millennium Manhattan and Millennium Brooklyn. From outside of the gym, one could hear the pre-game chant the Phoenix team did to boost themselves. The cheerleaders also started their routines, hyping up the crowd. According to Co-Captain of the Varsity Cheerleader Squad, Arianne Bienvenu, “the crowd really made the game more exciting.”

The Phoenix started the game off poorly, trailing the Raptors by eleven points. The Phoenix were struggling as the clock neared the end of the second quarter, with the Raptors leading by 4. Later on, Noah James drew a foul to bring the Phoenix back to a single digit difference, hitting both free throws.

According to James after the game, “Every free throw matters in the playoffs. You know its gonna come down to a few points so you gotta make it count.”

The Phoenix were struggling to hold on, but late in the game they started showing their red and white colors. With 3:09 on the clock,  the score was finally tied at 31-31. At 59.4 secs, following a few clutch baskets, the score stood at Phoenix 29-35 Raptors. The Phoenix sunk another three and stole the ball scoring a layup for 2 extra points gaining the lead for the first time in the game. The gym erupted into applause as the Phoenix finally had the upper hand. The Phoenix were up by 2 points when they drew yet another foul attempting to seal the deal. Phoenix had possession as they inbounded the ball and ran down the clock for the win. The Millennium Phoenix beat the Raptors 47-45.

See my running notes from the game below….


MBHS Phoenix vs. BHSEC Raptors

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Location: John Jay Campus: 2nd Floor Gym 

  • You can feel the excitement going on in the room.
  • You can feel the game time tension mixed in with the base of blasting rap music.
  • It’s a packed house at the game tonight.
  • Both teams are getting their pre-game practice in, shooting and running their drills before the game.
  • For their first playoff game, it looks like it’s going to be an exciting one and a great match between the two team.
  • There is a slight altercation, being that the second ref hasn’t showed up yet.
  • Less than two minutes on the clock to the start of the game and you can hear the chanting echoing through the gym from the Phoenix.
  • Both teams send out their respective captains to meet the ref, it seems they’re starting the game with only one ref. (Elias Suarez, Noah James, Aidan Murphy, Justin Williams)
  • Tipoff; Raptors recovery
  • First score: Phoenix-21
  • The intensity is already high as the game is underway in the first quarter.
  • Phoenix call the first time out of  the game as the score is Phoenix 4-10 Raptors.
  • Phoenix are in a tight jam against the Raptors early on. They’ll need to score some baskets to stay in the game.
  • The crowd is shouting “Defense!, Defense!”, the Phoenix are trying to make something happen as the first quarter ends Phoenix 8-19 RAptors.
  • The cheerleader are starting their cheer routines, boosting the esteem and spirit on the court on the sideline.
  • It’s Phoenix possession first in the 2nd quarter, they are struggling to stay in the game.
  • Noah draws the foul and brings the Phoenix back to a single digit difference. (Hits both free throws)
  • #5 draws another penalty and gives the team a chance to put more more points on the board.
  • #14 draws a charge at 5:54 and it’s Phoenix ball. #5 shoots the first three of the night for the Phoenix.
  • 3:51 and the Phoenix are stepping into their groove picking up the pace and locking down the Raptors offense with a stronger defense.
  • At 2:55 in the 2nd, the Raptors call their first time out; score Phoenix 16-23 Raptors.It’s slow but the Phoenix are closing the gap in score and forcing the Raptors to shoot inside.
  • Less than one minute in the first and you can hear the roar of the crowd heighten.
  • End of the second, Raptors leading Phoenix 23-27 Raptors.
  • Now the cheer squad are taking the court with their halftime performance .
  • As the second half is about to start, it is truly an impressive and heated game going on as both teams are upping the stakes and pushing the aggression.
  • First foul in the quarter is on the Phoenix and the Raptors shoot for two; sinks both shot.
  • The Phoenix are struggling to hold on but they are showing their red and white colors.
  • At 4:34, the Phoenix force the Raptors into a backcourt violation.
  • #1 steals the ball at 4:37 and forces his way to the basket for a layup adding 2 more points on the board.
  • At 3:09 the score is finally tied.
  • At 2:58, another foul is called on the Phoenix.
  • At 1:46, Vincent stops a breakaway pass to the Raptors.
  • At 1:35, Raptors make 2/2 of their penalty shot.
  • At 59.4 secs, the score stands Phoenix 29-35 Raptors, Phoenix trying to find their footing again and regain control.
  • Seconds left in the 3rd quarter and the Phoenix are bringing the heat.
  • End of 3rd quarter; Phoenix 31-35 Raptors.
  • Beginning of the final quarter; Phoenix possession.
  • The pressure is definitely turned up as the Phoenix as the Phoenix are trying to power through their way to putting points on the board.
  • The Raptors are giving the Phoenix a fight and the Phoenix are answering the call putting a stop to their offense and gradually racking up points trying to gain the upper advantage.
  • Phoenix call a timeout 4:26 Phoenix 37-39 Raptors.
  • There is a power struggle in action as one team is trying to overpower the other. With only half the time left in the final quarter it is any man game.
  • The Phoenix sink another three and steal the ball forcing a layup for 2 extra points gaining the lead for thee first time in the game. The gym erupts into a roar and frenzy as the Phoenix finally have the upper hand.
  • It is a madhouse now as the Phoenix are forcing the Raptors into a corner.
  • Less than a minute to go into the final quarter and the Phoenix are up by 2 points, the Phoenix call timeout.
  • The Raptors are now baring their fangs pushing the Phoenix behind the arc but the Phoenix are fighting back sinking their claws as if their appetite for victory is insatiable.
  • This game is electric, you can see the furiosity blazing as there are only 21 secs left on the board.
  • With 19.6 secs left on the board Phoenix 46-43 Raptors, the crowd is leaning out of their seats.
  • 4.9 secs Phoenix 46-45 Raptors, the crowd is now on their feet as the Phoenix just drew in a penalty, a chance for 2 points.
  • 3.6 secs Phoenix 47-45 Raptors. Phoenix up by 2 points drawing in another foul attempting to seal the deal on this game. The heat is cranked to the max at 1.6 secs in the game, Phoenix possession as they inbound the ball and run down the clock for the win.
  • Phoenix win and beat the Raptors 47-45.