The Phoenix

News by students, for students of Millennium Brooklyn High School in Brooklyn, NY

The Phoenix

The Phoenix


Who Are We? 

We are students of Millennium Brooklyn High School taking Journalism & Media as a senior English elective.


Ethical Standards

Accountability: Writers, editors, and reporters accept full responsibility for the truthfulness of the content they produce.

Truth and Accuracy: All efforts are given to ensure that published articles are factual, accurate, and reflect the full context of the situation. If not, we will give appropriate attention to make corrections in a timely fashion.

Audience: We strive to engage our audience with content we think is important to the lives of students of MBHS. We will be conscious of the sensitivity necessary for a functioning school newspaper.

Fairness and Privacy: We will keep all sources anonymous who request to be so.

Sources and Accountability: We work to prove that we have reliable, well researched articles, avoiding plagiarism and any fabrication of facts.

Harm and Offense: Our news team should write in favor of the audience. We avoid any topic that could offend or cause harm to private individuals and keep our audience’s feelings and opinions in mind when publishing work.

Professionalism: We want to make our publication appear as professional as possible.

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