Track and Field: How These Seniors are Sprinting Towards the Finish Line


Sam Hiller, Staff Reporter

Over the past few years, Millennium sports have expanded into new areas, new sports, new teams. One of these new teams is the spring track team. Seniors, Eric Chan and Juan Martinez joined the spring track team this year, and both discussed why they like track and why they chose to run track in their final year.

Every sport is educational for the people who play because people learn from their experiences. When asked what he has gained from running track, senior track runner Eric Chan said, “Yeah I guess you build stamina and endurance, I’ve gotten better from when I first started and that’s the goal.”

Although Eric stated that he built stamina and endurance from running track, it doesn’t come easy and it takes a while to get used to what track requires from a person. “At first it was kinda hard cause I wasn’t used to running so much, but over time it’s gotten better.”

Track has provided a strong experience for Eric, who, when asked if he was glad he joined, he responded; “Yes because it’s been a fun experience I guess and it’s not a sport I would have usually done.” For Eric, track brought him a new experience from branching out to try something new.

Being a senior on a sports team is different than being on a sports team in past years. Millennium senior Juan Martinez said, “Yeah, being a senior changes things. It’s kinda like nationalism, you want to represent where you come from and I come from Millennium so I want to win. Being a senior makes that feeling stronger because it’s my last year.” The track team has provided a joyful and competitive experience for everyone involved, and it was a necessary sport to add. Martinez agrees because of past experience. “Ever since I joined a team in middle school I’ve had an interest but we didn’t have a team and a lot of people like me don’t have the endurance for Cross Country running.”

Spring track gives students who aren’t great with stamina or endurance another option, and seniors like Juan and Eric have taken advantage of that.