First Year Volleyball Team Already Has A Reputation


2014 volleyball

Sarah Carrillo, Staff Reporter

Ewa Starzewska spoke highly of the new varsity team that’s been in the making for three years now.

“I feel very privileged especially because it’s my last year at MBHS,” Starzewska said. Being one of the founding members of the team, Starzewska feels excited and ready to play on a varsity team.

The standards are set high as the team plays for its first time. The team was placed in PSAL’s Developmental Division. In order for any school to have a varsity team, they first have to create a club for three years before creating a PSAL team. However, by this time next year the team will hopefully be Division A. The team has already beat two Division A teams.

Starzewska pointed out that many coaches have noticed the team’s high potential.

As for Starzewska, she doesn’t see herself playing volleyball on a Varsity level in college but instead in a club. Her greatest quality on the team is her ability to support and motivate her teammates to show their true capability.

Starzewska confirms the team has already shown other teams what Millennium is about. “Yes, the team already has a reputation among many people such as teachers, coaches and other schools. We had a few scrimmages already and have demonstrated what we are made of.”

The school has also demonstrated spirit for the Phoenix girls’ volleyball team. Many people from both schools, MBHS and MHS, have watched the games and are spreading the news about how strong the team is.