BSU Builds Stronger Community at MBHS


Amanda Davis, Staff Reporter

Black Student Union, also known as BSU is a high school club at MBHS that originally started with students who just needed a place to stay after school hours. From then, for approximately three years this club has been a space for anyone, not only people of color to join but for all who are interested, to speak about issues that they are concerned with, like world news or even things happening within the school community.

When the club first started, everyone was reassured that anything said in the club would remain in the room so that trust and friendships could be built by the BSU members. Leanna Ashe, a senior who took the role as a new president of BSU said, “I️ want BSU to be a safe haven where black students can collaborate on projects, share ideas and possible struggles. I️ want us to actually be unified and that could also include students that aren’t black. I️ want it to be a family”. Although the club may seem like it’s specifically for one group of people, it’s open to anyone. This diverse group of people at BSU shows that they support the things that may be happening within the community and the interest to learn about how other people may feel or difficulties that they may encounter shows compassion.

Naia Garcia, BSU’s Media Specialist and MBHS Senior, feels that, “BSU is helping students by bringing them together in a community setting and providing them with a space where they can talk about their feelings on topics in the media. Students are also allowed to work together at a common goal like going on a trip to Atlanta. By working alongside each other their team building skills are heightened and they are forming new relationships with each other. This opportunity is great and it’s exclusivity allows people in all parts of the school community to feel accepted. Those involved are learning new lessons and becoming better people because of it.”

As Garcia mentioned, BSU members are able to work with each other, by having events such as movie night, selling t-shirts, raffles and chocolates. With the support of everyone BSU has been able to raise $5,000 towards to the trip to Atlanta. The trip will take place from March 1st to the 4th and will consist of HBCU tours, a Hawks basketball game, the African-American burial grounds, a fashion show, the Center for Non-violence museum, and a tour of MLK’s home and museum. 

As the years go on it would be wonderful to see how BSU grows with people of different backgrounds, who are also willing to take mini field trips and projects reflecting black culture. It’s important that people who aren’t part of BSU understand that the word “black” doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to join in on the conversations at all. To continue to support BSU everyone could go on or purchase a shirt from Ms. Gurly.