The Girl’s Fencing Team Takes a Stab at the New Season

John Cook, Staff Reporter



The Girls Fencing team is now deep into their regular season and only have a few games left. Their current record is 4-3 and they have already qualified for playoffs so training for the championships begins soon. The girls have been practicing three times a week unless they have a game. In their division, they face Stuyvesant, Nest, LIC, and Art and Design.

A junior from Millennium Brooklyn, Ayshe Kerim, had this to say when asked about competing: “dont give up no matter how difficult it is or how far you are.”

Fencing, being a one-on-one sport, places pressure is on individuals and they don’t have someone else to help cope with it. This causes them to have to deal with pressure and self consciousness on their own.

The girls fence on a rubber strip called a piste where they fence fence to intervals of 5 with each bout being 3 minutes long. The girls practice how to move up and down the piste and different attack and defensive techniques to help them in a bout.

When asked about the season and how things were going, coach Avery Nackman said, “half of our girls this season are new to the sport of fencing and everyone is picking it up quickly and well. One of our goals for the season is to come together as a team and support one another… The season has been great so far and we are preparing to finish strong at our last two competitions.” Nackman speaks about the team’s goals and being new to the sport, working on their skills. She has her hopes for the season and hopes for the team as they are new.