Cracking Open a New Softball Season

Malcolm Wansley, Staff Reporter

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Despite the current weather, spring is approaching. Spring brings softball, baseball and a few other sports back to Millennium. The softball team is hoping to bounce back from a 7-10 season last year (PSAL).

Brian McCarthy, the head coach of the softball team, expressed what changes were made to the team to try and improve on last years season. He says “We have a great group of freshman! They definitely fill the voids of the girls who graduated. Overall, we are a much more skilled team than last year. Our freshman come with a lot of travel ball experience.” Skill is important to a sport like softball and fresh eyes can point out other things that need to be improved. Along with the new players Millennium purchased a pitching machine that will hopefully increase the bat speed of the hitters. Mr. McCarthy highlights bat speed as a “Point of concern last year.” Since hitting is such an important part of softball, the pitching machine will be useful in improving both the softball team and the baseball team.

Rebecca Estrella, a MBHS senior, explains that another change to the softball team is the attitude. She says, “Everyone seems more excited to be here, it makes us all hopeful for the upcoming season.” This is a great way to start the season.

The full schedule has been posted on the PSAL website and the first game will be on March 24th.The time leading up to the game will be full of preparation for the Millennium softball team. Some might say that the team has already started preparing by working during the offseason.

Rebecca Estrella, a MBHS senior, explains that the softball team has “Officially begun practices four days a week starting on March 1st.” Hopefully all of the hard work pays off!


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Cracking Open a New Softball Season