Let’s Talk About Talking

Aby Sanchez, Staff Reporter

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The word “talking,” has engaged in a new definition, that doesn’t really follow any single meaning. People can say, “yeah I’m talking to her” or they can say “yeah I’m talking to her.” Get it? Yeah no, neither do we. Let’s break it down.

Dictionary.com says talking means “to communicate or exchange other ideas, information etc. by speaking.” This is the simple definition of the word we learned as kids, but now it’s developed a new purpose that somehow defines the relationship between two people. Confusing, huh?

According to Urban Dictionary, talking means, “When two people are not exclusive with each other nor have established what they are as a couple, but have some sort of relationship.” This definition is now being used everyday when people include the term talking on their Facebook status’ or Instagram posts,. But, even if you haven’t seen it on any social media, chances are you’ve came across it at some point.

Talking is hard to explain, thus people have different ways of describing it it. Tiffany Guo, a senior at MBHS, says that, “talking is when you aren’t exclusive with someone, you don’t have a label, but you have somewhat of a relationship with them, but it’s nothing official.” This simply means two people having interest in each other, but no label.

People can use the term talking when they don’t want anyone to know of their relationship status with someone, for example, Nia Grant, a senior at MBHS, says “I’m not talking to anyone,” but most seniors know she’s lying. Grant is making an effort to shut down any possible accusations people might make by using the term talking.

Talking can be used for other reasons too. According to Ms. Schwarzkopf, the guidance counselor at MBHS, talking can be used when “people aren’t sure of what they want yet,” but that overall, “ if two people are communicating with each other, as long as both people know what the other one is doing or what they’re allowed to do.”

The definition of the word talking, seems to lie on a spectrum. On one end it could be used to describe the relationship between two people. But the other can mean two people just having a conversation. 

Talking is the  stage in a relationship before it becomes official. Michael Feynberg, a senior at MBHS jokingly says that him and his girlfriend, Natasha, are “linked by God, and are no longer just talking.” Being “linked by God” can be the next step after talking or the next step can be dating, being in a relationship, but these terms can have different interpretations too. It’s all about context. This key ingredient separates all definitions any terms may carry. Next time you hear the term talking and think it’s the Dictionary.com definition, just think about the context and it might mean something else.

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Let’s Talk About Talking