Teachers Get Pied!


Tatiana Lugo, Staff Reporter

On Friday, March 13, Millennium Brooklyn High School had its very own Pi Day. From 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm, students were able to throw pies in teachers’ faces!

The Junior Committee sold tickets in advisory, and after school in front of room 359 to raise money for Junior activities. They also held a raffle where students bought a ticket for $2.00, or three tickets for $5.00 in order to pie a teacher. The lucky two students who won the raffle for their teacher of choice got to pie that teacher. There was a $1.00 entry fee to come and watch everything go down, and a small bake sale for everyone.

Some teachers that participated in Pi Day were Mr. Curmi, Mr. Schantz, Dr. Miscenyi, Mr. Friedman, Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Simpson, and even Mr. Faughnan.

At the end of it all, Senior Josette Ferreira exclaimed, “my favorite person who got pied was Mr. Schantz!”

Senior, Kristina Rodriguez said, “I think it was really successful. The students and teachers had fun with it. It was a chance to get our frustrations out, and the teachers found it funny. I would definitely do it again.”

Mr. Curmi, who was in charge of putting Pi day together expressed, “I think it went really, really well. I think there was an excellent turn out. People in the audience seemed to have really good energy. I hope this means we get to make this an event that we can put on every year at MBHS.”