Logic Represents “Everybody”

Daniel Rentzer, Staff Reporter

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On May 5th, 2017, the rapper Logic released his third studio album, called “Everybody.” Logic is a hip hop artist from Maryland who has been active in the rap scene for years and has received generally positive reviews on his music.  For example, DJBooth stated, “instead of focusing on one race, he looks at all races.”  

A lot of his music, especially on this most recent album, focuses on the fact that Logic is half black and half white, and how he has to face struggles because of it.  This is exhibited most through one of the songs on the album, “AfricAryan.” The song delves into the two lives that he endures from the point of view of someone who is white growing up in a poor, violent community and someone who’s black growing up within the  same community. 

Some people from the MBHS community weighed in on the album. MBHS senior Sam Hiller said, “I personally really liked it, but the concept was too unclear so it was kind of confusing.”

Another senior, Sam Rothenberg, said, “I like how he brought in the idea of him being biracial. It really added to the album.”

So generally, teens liked the album, with some criticism.  Ethan Mermelstein, a music critic stated, “I thought it wasn’t nearly as good as his past albums.  I get his vibe, but I just wasn’t feeling it.” So there is a difference in opinions between teens and music experts, with the common theme of slight criticism. 

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Logic Represents “Everybody”