MBHS Makes Follows Through On College Prep Mission

Yaakov Waronker, Staff Reporter

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MBHS has long styles itself as a college prep school. People have wondered how well has Millennium been doing in its mission as stated on the Millennium website, “to prepare students for college.” The answer: pretty well. 

According to Ms. Gibbons, since the beginning of MBHS, 100% of graduating students have gone to college. In the first year of MBHS, 11% went to a 2-year college and 89% went to a 4-year college, which is the objective of MBHS. In the second graduating class, 10% went to a 2-year with 90% going to 4-year. In this graduating class, 8-9% are expected to go to a 2-year with the amount of students attending a 4-year college going up to 91-92%.

Progress has not only been made with statistics of getting into college, but also the quality of the colleges with Ms. Gibbons claiming that “as the years progress, students have been getting into more selective colleges.”

This claim has been backed up by interviews with Natalie Miolan, a Sophomore at Brooklyn College, who was part of the first wave of graduating students. She believes that even though there was “a lot of support for college” for the first graduating class, it has only increased because Ms. Gibbons and Ms. Mott, the college advisors, have “learned a lot” about scholarships and other college tools.

Average GPA’s of graduating classes were requested of Mr. Franklyn but were not compiled because of the “complexity” and the fact that the school has not kept track of this statistic.


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MBHS Makes Follows Through On College Prep Mission