Did YOU make it on the Honor Roll?

Irene Suarez, Staff Reporter

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The Honor Roll at Millennium Brooklyn High School is something that is updated every semester. The honor roll informs students if they have achieved an eighty-five or above in all their classes, but as the year progresses, students begin to wonder whether this holds any true value.

According to Natalie Hernandez, a senior attending MBHS, ” I don’t really care whether I’m on the Honor Roll or not. It’s one of those things where you make it, or don’t. But I do know that when I don’t make honor roll, I don’t feel good.”

Like Natalie, some believe that the Honor Roll places you into an exclusive category which favors students for the grades they achieve, rather than the work that they put into their classes.

Ms.Joslin, a teacher in the  research department argues that “it can be a great motivator for students who have specific academic goals…I also think it’s a positive thing to celebrate students who are putting in extra efforts.”

Joslin’s contrasting perspective represents how the Honor Roll can be motivational to students, for MBHS, which is able to do that through the Honor Roll system.

An MBHS freshman, Pearl Antunez, agrees with this aspect, she says “It’s a good way to show the hard works some students have done. They should definitely know they are on the honor roll.”

Being on the Honor Roll, to others can be motivational to students to try harder in the next years they are in school.  The school requirements on the MBHS website in order to get into the school is a “85% minimum in your middle school core classes.”

MBHS is trying to reflect its students and make sure student stay on task through the four years they stay at MBHS. 

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Did YOU make it on the Honor Roll?