Women’s History Month

Sarah Sahrane, Sahrane

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Ladies, raise your heads up high and come together because March was Women’s History Month!!! Last month was devoted to all women that have made an impact on history to get us to where we are right now, in 2016. Thousands of women, since the very beginning of history and time, have done lots to improve life as we know it. Women like Elizabeth Stanton , Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Malala Yousafzai, Lupita Nyong’o, Emma Watson, and many more, have done things like creating the Declaration of Sentiments and giving women’s rights speeches in order to help women gain a higher and more respected place in society.

According to History.com, “Women’s History Month is a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society.” Women’s History Month (WHM) was celebrated in 1987 in Sonoma, California by a school district that was celebrating Women’s contributions throughout history. This celebration was supposed to be a week long until it outgrew and the idea started getting bigger. Lots of parades and essays contests about women were being held. Then in 1980, President Jimmy Carter decided to make the week of March 8th National Women’s History week. The U.S. Congress decided to make it a national celebration and 6 years later in 1986, National Women’s History week turned into National Women’s History Month.

It is an important month for everyone whether you’re a woman or not. Everyone finds a different way to celebrate this amazing month. Lots of teachers from different school districts have created and are still creating lessons and different activities to teach the ways that women have helped the the U.S.

Tonniqua Maldonado in the 12th grade said, “It’s important for everyone to keep in mind what women have done to get the rights that we have now. Nothing was easy but it was still able to be done.”

In 1996, the National Women’s History Museum was founded by  Karen Staser who created this museum to raise awareness and honor women’s experiences and achievements. For many years women’s contributions and accomplishments have been overlooked and criticised by many people. But many people are overlooking the fact that as Karen Staser stated, “Women’s history isn’t meant to rewrite history. The objective is to promote scholarship and expand our knowledge of American history by opening this museum”. In other words Karen Staser is explaining how everyone should continue to add on to the beautiful history America has created and more people should try to create new footprints for our generation to come to see.
Keep in mind that even the little things that are done impact our lives. Without having people try to come up with new ideas to make the future better, the U.S. won’t have anything to celebrate or be proud of during celebrations like Women’s History Month! 

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Women’s History Month